The Chaotic Life and Times

of the Death Kitten

12 June
     I am currently a Lieutenant in Starfleet. (Can you believe I finally got promoted?!) I live for flying, drinking and having sex. Starfleet and I are probably not the best of bedfellows, but I've somehow managed to keep them from drumming me out through a combination of dumb luck and kicking ass at my job.

     I'm serving aboard the usstakedashingn currently, though recently I was stuck aboard starbase668.

     This is a role play journal, and everything mentioned within is a complete work of fiction. Star Trek is property of Paramount Pictures, and I am simply borrowing their universe for entertainment. Any questions? Ask diziara.
20th century earth history, 42, 668, adventures, alcohol, ale, aliens, amelia earhart, andorians, april 5 2063, astrophysics, atmospheric reentry, babyland, bar fights, bat'leth, battleship, biplane, biting, blood, blood wine, bloodwire, blue, blue roses, booze, boy toy, boy toys, candy assed fleet, cats, chains, chaos, chocolate, collared guys, collars, combat, combat as foreplay, corsets, craziness, crazy, cursing, d'k tahg, daggers, delta flyer, doctor who, drunken debauchery, duelling, electronic music, exploration, extreme violence, flirting, flying, freaking the mundanes, fuck buddies, fucking shit up, fun, gagh, green eyes, holodeck programming, holodecks, human males, independent thought, insubordination, intelligence, internal combustion engine aircraft, jacqueline cochran, klingon, klingon language, klingon opera, klingons, knives, leather, leonardo da vinci, long hair, long haired guys, love, lunacy, lust, magic carpet ride, masturbation, mayhem, men, milliways, morning sex, music, möbius strip, nice butts, nightwish, nookie, nudity, nut cracker boots, objects in space, once you go blue, opera, oral sex, parties, performance art, playing pool, poor impulse control, projectile peanuts, pt-17 stearman, public sex, punching admirals, qo'nos, rain, randomness, risa, romulan ale, sally ride, scaring normals, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, shakespeare in original klingon, sharp pointy things, shiny things, shit kicker boots, shocking starfleet brass, shore leave, shuttle craft design, sparring, spatial anomolies, sport fucking, star trek, starbase 668, starbase668, starfleet, starfleet is candy assed, starfleet rejects, starship, starships, storvik, swords, technology, tentacles, tgmr, the phoenix, throwing knives, tlhingan hol, tormenting upper brass, trans-gendering mutational retrovirus, trashy lingerie and indulgences, uss murgatroid, uss takeda shingen, violence, vodka, weapons, whips, wright brothers, zefram cochrane, ,